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Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

The complex process of saying goodbye to your dearest friend might be made easier by our team of sympathetic, caring specialists. We are here to support you through this trying time.

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Pet Hospice & Euthanasia IL

Most likely, you’ve heard about hospice care for people. It is something that is provided to individuals who have life-limiting or terminal illnesses in an effort to enhance the quality of their remaining years. We feel that sincere and devoted veterinarians and animal lovers should treat our pets with the same respect.


  • Name 5 things that your pet enjoys doing. If they are unable to do 3 or more then it may be time.
  • Is your pet having more “bad days” than “good days?” Try putting 2 jars on the counter – “good days” and “bad days.” Drop a coin in one everyday. After a week or so, if there are more coins in the “bad day” jar, then it’s probably time.
  • Is your pet still eating and drinking normally?
  • Is your pet still able to urinate/defecate normally?
  • Is your pet able to move around without difficulty or pain?
  • Ask yourself if you are keeping your pet here with us because you are unable to let them go.
  • Once you have made the decision, pets seem to improve making you doubt your decision, only to find sorrow again the next day. In these cases, ask yourself “Wouldn’t you rather your last day together be a happy one?”

We discuss your needs over the phone or in your home on the day of the scheduled procedure. We will discuss all of your options – when and where euthanasia will take place, who will be there, etc. This is your time to express any special requests.

Our goal is to help you understand if euthanasia is needed and when will be the right time. We specialize in end-of-life care and will help your family learn more about your pet’s disease and what to expect as it progresses.

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Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

Hometown Veterinary Clinic now offers in-home euthanasia services to help your family pet have the most peaceful passing possible. Avoid putting your pet through the fear and stress involved with a veterinary clinic with a passing in the comfort of their own home surrounded by family.

Hometown Vet’s in-home euthanasia service provides calm, compassionate end-of-life care. 

In-Home Euthanasia includes:

  • A calm and peaceful passing which includes pre-euthanasia sedation so your pet can have a quiet, peaceful passing.
  • A keepsake clay paw print.
  • A clipping of hair if desired.
  • Transportation for cremation services if chosen.

The euthanasia fee does not include cremation. Cremation Services are available for additional fees.

In-Home Euthanasia is available by pre-scheduled appointments only. Emergency euthanasia services require an additional fee and no guarantee can be made on veterinarian availability.

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