Veterinary Services

Our Veterinary Services

At Hometown Veterinary Clinic, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Veterinary Services IL

We are pleased to provide a wide range of services to address all elements of your pet’s health and act as their veterinarian for the duration of their life.

doctor examining dog's teeth

Pet Dental Care

Our veterinarians continue to evolve our dental standards through regular discussions with veterinary dentists to ensure we remain at …

vet taking surgery tools from the tray

Pet Surgery

We welcome the chance to care for your pet’s surgical needs, from simple treatments like spaying and neutering to more difficult surgery.

vet vaccinating a puppy

Pet Vaccinations

Our staff is well-versed in veterinary vaccinations, and we want to give you the finest guidance for maintaining the health of your pet.

veterinarian examining the puppy

Pet Wellness Exams

We are pleased to provide wellness examinations, administer vaccinations on time for your pets, and collaborate with you on all …

dog and cat eating in the bowl

Pet Nutritional Counseling

To choose the proper food and dosage for your pet, consult with your vet frequently. Since each pet is different, it is important to …

vet vaccinating a puppy

Pet Parasite Prevention

At Hometown Veterinary Clinic, we provide a range of services, such as monthly heartworm preventatives and annual immunizations …

dog sitting on the table

Pet Allergies & Dermatology

At Hometown Veterinary Clinic, we offer the best care for animals with skin and ear disorders. …

the woman kissing her pet

Pet Pain Management

With the aid of cutting-edge diagnostic instruments, we can swiftly identify any issues that might be present in your pet.

veterinarian giving medicine to the dog

Pet Pharmacy

We are here to ensure that your pet has everything they need to live a happy and healthy life. Our pharmacy is well-equipped with the items …

the woman kissing her pet

Pet Puppy & Kitten Care

We will answer any queries you have about grooming, parasite prevention, immunizations, feeding, training, and general health in order to keep …

a lady kissing her old dog

Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

The complex process of saying goodbye to your dearest friend might be made easier by our team of sympathetic, caring specialists.


Dog Grooming

Regular baths help to keep your dog’s skin healthy and their coat shiny and clean. 


Mobile Grooming

We offer luxury curbside service in our brand new state-of-the-art mobile salon.