Hello, I’m Kristina. My animal care experience really began as a kid showing sheep and rabbits and feeding every stray that would let me! Professionally I started as a bather at a grooming/boarding facility in the mid 90’s.  From there I worked briefly as a veterinary assistant in both a day and emergency clinic.  I learned a lot but was drawn back to grooming. I groomed at 3 vet clinics over the years while running my own business in my town. I have been working in my shop full time for long enough and I’m really looking forward to meeting new friends, 2 and 4 legged!
We have 4 acres that we share with our Missouri foxtrotter and our 11 dogs.  3 blue heelers,  2 mountain curs, and 6 bully/pitties. We are very involved in rescue and several of them were foster fails. Besides dogs I enjoy podcasts,  audiobooks, planting flowers  (especially coleus), and seeing our grandson when we can.